Friday, February 4, 2011

Nature calls as snow falls

Ahem...I don't know how else to put this, but nature called this morning at approximately 3am. Normally this is not blog-worthy news, however, today was not our typical Austin morning. As most of you already know, Mother Nature has been flexing her winter muscles, leaving a large portion of the country under arctic layers of snow, sleet and ice. Austin has been seeing freezing temperatures for the past week, and was now supposedly facing a chance of snow. That's right...SNOW. In TEXAS! I didn't think it was possible, but despite my doubts, I peeked out my curtains to take a look.

You can probably imagine my surprise when my eyes met a sight I thought I'd never see here. A thin, fluffy, white blanket already covered the lawn in front of my apartment and tiny snowflakes continued to fall from the sky. Being a SoCal native, this is quite a rare sight for me to witness. Snow is something I prefer to experience in photos, on facebook, while I'm soaking up the sun by the pool. Heck, I even considered ditching all my winter clothes before I headed  out here - surely I wouldn't need them down in the Lonestar State!

It was 3am so the city was still sleeping, and even though I didn't want to accept it, I had to appreciate the magic of the moment. Embracing my enchantment, I layered up, grabbed the camera and opened the door. The frigid air bit through my long johns, searing straight through to my bones, but I was on a mission. Even my cat, Cooper, caught a whiff of curiosity. He put one of his California kitty paws in the snow (ok, so I might have "helped" him) and quickly b-lined it back to the front door. After a few more minutes I realized he was right. My paws were practically frozen too. Satisfied that I has captured the moment, I went back inside and turned the heater up to a more comfortable 75 degrees.

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