Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Texas, y'all!

Fully rested, tummy full (thanks Donald!) and cats drugged, I repacked the car and hit the road again. Today is my long-haul day. I'm hoping to make it across NM, past El Paso and into either Van Horn or Ft. Stockton, TX for the night. Easy Breezy.

Of course, with my sense of direction I should have known something was bound to go awry. Not even out of Phoenix yet and I found myself on the wrong freeway which ultimately meant about an hour long detour. No worries, all is quiet on the kitty front. The acepromazine has waved it's magic wand and my cats could be sitting in a kennel full of hungry pit bulls for all they care. By the way, I'd like to mention that today I put them both in the same carrier which made a HUGE difference - for those of you planning to travel with multiple cats. They were much more calm, didn't cry as much and look a lot more comfortable cuddling with each other. :) If you're in the market for a carrier, I used a large Pet Taxi for 2 adult male cats. You can find it here...I highly recommend it!

Anywhooo...11 hours, 2 Cliff Bars, 1 Red Bull, 1 bag of Cheetos (ugggggg) and 2 gas/cuddle stops (Tank can be quite demanding), we made it out to Van Horn, TX. Most shocking is that I haven't even been listening to any is that possible?


  1. I just moved from Texas and I miss it so much! There really is no place like Texas.