Friday, October 15, 2010 a box

As I'm standing in my driveway watching the 29' freight truck drive off, Texas-bound, I'm hit with a wave of anxiety. Oh crap, practically everything I own just got packed up (Tetris-style) into a 4x8x9' space and driven away by a total stranger. What if it gets lost? What if the truck crashes? What if road pirates hijack it and find my Mace Widow purple neon light saber? Surely the ransom demand will be far to great for this humble girl-on-the-move. Even my cats seem to sense that their prized scratching post is hitting the road... they are sitting next to me also watching the truck disappear.

Deep breath Amy, calm down. Everything is gonna be fine. It's all part of the "moving out-of-state experience". Oh yeah, did I mention I'm moving to Austin?

Disclaimer - photo taken from Google Images

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