Monday, October 18, 2010

Austin Ahoy!

We made it to Austin! It was another long day of driving (approx. 7 hours) and I was reminded just how big Texas really is. I've done this drive before, in the opposite direction, and vaguely remember that thought going through my head. Funny how time tends to help us forget the "unpleasantries". Lucky for me, the speed limit is 80, so it felt more like we were flying. Not so lucky, however, for the unfortunate little bugs that dared cross my path.

Tank and Cooper (my two cats) did great together in their Pet Taxi - is it weird that I feel proud of them? I only gave them half a dose of the acepromazine today because they had been fully drugged for the past 2 days and I figured there would be residual amounts in their systems.

Anywho, as I got closer to my destination I could feel my excitement building...almost home! Sounds weird, but yes, this is my new home. About 40 minutes outside of town I stopped at a Walmart to grab some road snacks, ended up finding a UT Longhorns t-shirt as well (got to blend in!) and then zipped on in to the live music capital of the world. Once my moving truck arrives in a couple days, I'll be set!

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