Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Topless in the rain - Day 2, part 1

We woke up on Day 2 in SLC ready to hit the road and head to our next stop - Casper, WY - but not before spending a little time with some family. I got to spend time with my cousin-in-law (is that even a real title?) Nicole, her 3 month old Jackson and my 2nd cousin, Hayden. Then I met with my cousin Maria (who is due to have twins in September) for a quick bite.

We said goodbye to Salt Lake and were soon thereafter greeted by a nice little downpour. Normally this would be no problem, however, in true OC fashion, we had the convertible top down and were both wearing short sleeves. Determined not to let anyone - even Mother Nature - rain on our parade, we blasted the heater and hit the gas (rain tends to roll over your head the faster you go). And the winner is...Thelma and Louise!

Click here for photo album

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