Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three States, Plus One - Day 7

Today was another fairly aggressive day of driving. We started in Missoula, MT, crossed over the panhandle of Idaho through Coeur d'Alene (gorgeous area!), made a stop in Spokane, WA then traversed the state and ended in Seattle, WA. The distance didn't phase us though, we have become immune to day-long drives at this point. Not so immune that we're not enjoying it, but at the end of our days, we're finding it difficult to recall where we woke up that same morning. I guess that's just part of the job.

In Spokane, we picked up a passenger - Allyson's boyfriend Garrett - who flew in to join the fun for a day. We explored the city for a bit, grabbed a bite (after coming so close to starvation point that Allyson and I barely tasted the food we shoveled in), hit the road (with Garrett in the backseat), and arrived in Seattle 4 hours later just in time to catch some Zs.

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