Thursday, May 27, 2010

Third Time’s a Charm...I mean...Ticket - Day 11, part 1

The sun came up and we opened our eyes to the city of Camas, WA – just across the river from Portland – where Ally’s friend Lindsey lives. Lindsey had been kind enough to wait up for our later-than-planned arrival and give us a place to crash for the night. After a quick breakfast we ventured out to the quaint downtown area and discussed her absolute genius of living in WA (no state income tax) and shopping across the river in Portland (no sales tax). Pretty freakin’ brilliant if you ask me!

We said our goodbyes and headed out to our next stop – Ashland, OR to visit my aunt and uncle. We set the “trusty” navigation and enjoyed yet another scenic day on the road. Nearing dusk, we passed through Medford, OR and just as we came over a hill leading to the Rogue River National Forrest, I spotted the unmistakable shape of a police cruiser seemingly licking its chops at our bright red BMW. I let off the gas and hoped that he would continue on his way and spare us, but it wasn’t the case. His lights started flashing, my stomach took a nosedive and our little red BMW submitted and veered right.

Waiting for the officer to walk up, I couldn’t help but remember the good luck we’ve had the last two times we got pulled over. Of course, I had been the passenger both times and I had a sinking feeling our luck was about to run out. A few questions were asked, license & registration were handed over and then we waited…hoping again that we would be set free with a warning.

Unfortunately my initial intuition proved correct and the officer returned with a ticket about 3 feet long. The silver lining here was that Oregon is advanced enough to include the actual dollar amount along with payment info right on the ticket – not sure why CA doesn’t do that. But I digress…I was told where to sign and informed that the fine would be a whopping $194. So much for the good luck!

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