Monday, May 24, 2010

Sprinkle-less in Seattle - Day 8

Ironically, the one place that both Allyson and I fully expected to be grey and rainy, was one of the only places that offered us blue skies and fairly warm weather. It seems the black rain cloud that has been following us decided to take a break...and we weren't about to complain.

We spent the day exploring Seattle - Allyson and Garrett hopped on the bikes and I met my friend Burch who generously offered to play tour guide. I got to see some breathtaking spots that I most likely wouldn't have seen otherwise. Alki beach in West Seattle is a definite must see for those of you who've never been. Also, we had another encounter with the law, but miraculously escaped ticket-free. I'm getting an eerie feeling that I'm a good luck charm in the passenger seat...hopefully I won't have to test my luck as the driver.

After the tour with Burch, I walked around the Public Market and watched a fish get thrown across a counter, admired the beautiful flower bouquets and almost got ripped off when I bought some local grown tomatoes (you gotta be careful in those tourist traps).

Later, Allyson, Garret and I enjoyed a nice dinner and then walked to Highway 99, a blues bar, for open dance night. For the second time of this trip, I got to shake my groove thing a bit - not to mention immortalize our journey on their Wall of Fame.

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