Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Portland Quickie - Day 10

Most of the day today was spent on the road, in fairly consistent rain, so not too many pictures were taken. I figure that's OK though...we made up for it in Vancouver. Our destination was Portland and we made it there in the early evening, giving us plenty of time to see what it had to offer. Side note: one thing I've forgotten to mention is that it doesn't get dark until about 10 pm, we're loving it!

We hit a couple hot spots recommended by friends, I introduced Ally to the fabulous world of vintage shopping (about a dozen scarves later I think she was hooked!) and I got to see a drawbridge come up for the first time. I was reminded of a favorite movie as a kid, Annie. It was a quick, but eventful stop - we both decided that Portland is a place we'd like to come back to. All in all, I'd say we're getting pretty good at maximizing our days.

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  1. I LOVE Portland!!!! Would love to call it home someday =)

  2. Yeah, it was a really cool city. Lots of old architecture and some great shops! A lot of history....definitely a place I could spend more time in!