Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Canada! - Day 9

Round about 9:30am, we crossed the border into Canada bound for Vancouver. Allyson had to drop of Garrett at SEA-TAC airport quite early and we wanted to maximize our day. This was quite a feat for us since the majority of our days haven't started until noon, but we arrived - not quite bright eyed and bushy tailed - pretty much just breathing.

For consistency's sake, Vancouver weather proved to be as unpredictable as it had been in the States. Light rainfall joined us off-and-on during our stroll around the Van Dusen Botanical Garden (terrible for the bangs, which the photos will attest to). We are quite used to the rain by now though so that wasn't going to damper our spirits. The garden was unbelievable - colors overwhelmed our eyes and I had a hard time deciding what not to take a picture of. There was a maze towards the end that we absolutely had to try out. Don't worry everyone, we found our way out.

Rested and relaxed, we decided a bike ride downtown would be next on our list. We were starving at this point (this seems to keep happening), so we found a little cafe called Bread Garden where we grabbed a bite and proceeded to fall asleep on their comfy couches for 2 hours! Once awake, and aware that the people here must think we are homeless or something, we hightailed it outta there and continued our ride down in the harbor area.

After the bike ride, a missed turn took us through the Stanley Park (gorgeous!) area on our way across the bridge to Grouse Mountain. We decided the detour was a good one, but were disappointed to find that the suspended bridge we wanted to see had just closed for the night. Making lemons out of lemonade, we continued a bit further up the mountain - stopping at Cleveland Dam and the Grouse mountain cable car. Somewhere around 10pm I got a second wind and we said goodbye to our friendly neighbor to the north, stopping about 20 miles outside of Seattle. Now that's what I call an honest day's work!

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