Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother Nature cuts us some slack - Day 2, part 2

After Mother Nature realized we weren't backing down, she stepped aside and gave us some nice weather for our drive to Casper, WY. The landscape gave us plenty of testing material for Hipstamatic, Allyson's new iPhone app. It's only the second day of our trip and between the two of us we've probably got over 200 pictures.

A few hours into Wyoming, it hit me that this state is an unexpected surprise. I think I was envisioning flat prairie land as far as the eye could see, but was taken aback by the beautiful, diverse scenery. At one point it looked like we were on Mars - totally barren, dusty hills. The next minute we set our eyes on vivid canyons colored by red clay and lush green grass. A rainbow even peeked out of the clouds to welcome us. A quick detour on a road less traveled took us to an old trading town called Ft. Bridger where we snapped a few shots and continued on our way.

Nearing Casper, we stopped for refreshments at the Hole in the Wall - yes, that's the real name - and ended up meeting some friendly folks who were entertained by a couple of California girls named Thelma and Louise. The sunset was "pull-over-and-stop worthy", so we did, and added another 100 pictures to our ever growing album. After the sun retired for the evening, we pulled into the friendly town of Casper where we grabbed dinner with a long-time friend, Trevor, then hit the hay.

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