Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rogue-in' on the River - Day 11, part 2

Not thrilled that my lead foot just cost me $200, I was ready to be done driving and enjoy a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle. Even more frustrating was the fact that our "trusty" navigation showed us to be only about 14 miles from Ashland. We had almost made it free and clear...or so we thought.

Up until this point, we had been setting our destinations to arbitrary addresses that came up when the city was entered. It worked wonderfully, taking us to the center of the action and then we'd figure it out from there. We had no reason to think that things would be different this time as we entered what the signs told us was the Rogue River national Forest.

Last summer I took a Greyhound bus trip (that's right, BUS!) up to Ashland for the first time, however, this time we were coming from a different direction, so I figured the forest was no big deal. Well, about an hour into it I started to think twice. I saw the checkered "destination point" quickly approaching on the nav screen but we were nowhere near civilization. In fact, we were getting higher and higher into the trees and the snow was getting thicker and thicker. We hadn't seen another car for miles.

Allyson was enjoying the detour - snapping photos and admiring the beauty of it all - but I was getting worried. Night was falling and we were lost in the forest. Luckily, I had a few bars of reception (thank you Verizon!) so I decided to call Uncle Ken for some non-satellite assistance. He wasn't quite sure where we were exactly, but came to the conclusion that going back through Medford would put us on the right track. You can imagine how happy I was to receive that news, since we had passed through Medford over and hour ago just BEFORE getting my ticket.

I stubbornly admitted defeat and turned around. We finally met Uncle Ken and Aunt Gina for a nice Italian dinner - only 2 hours late and 2 hundred dollars poorer.

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