Thursday, May 20, 2010

Devil's Tower puts Mother Nature on the Map - Day 4

After our victory at Mt. Rushmore, we chose to plug away a bit more on our journey and make it to Rapid City, SD. The morning greeted us with bright blue skies and crisp, clean air that my SoCal lungs were ecstatic to get a dose of.

Before we left for our next destination – Devil’s Tower, WY – we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and put the bikes we’ve been hauling all this way to good use. We pedaled leisurely around the quaint-but-artsy downtown area taking pictures, talking to store owners and window shopping. Once we had our fill, and Allyson had her coffee, we were on our way to Devil’s Tower.

The drive was epic, every angle looked like a postcard – the sky was an unbelievable blue, the hills were as green as the ones in Ireland and the clouds were perfect, puffy cotton balls. For a couple of marketing chicks, it was too irresistible. We pulled off the side of the road somewhere in Wyoming and just sat in the grass listening to the wind rustle through it. And, of course, took about a thousand pictures.

For the last couple days I’ve really been wanting to snap a perfect red barn picture. Well, we found one on the way and made a detour that was well worth it. A few hours later, we made it to Devil’s Tower – a very dramatic natural structure that stands over 800 ft tall smack dab in the middle of a valley. I couldn’t help but sit back and give Mother Nature some props for the work she has done over the years.

Speaking of Mother Nature, I think she must be feeling a little competitive (Current score: Thelma & Louise – 2pts, Mother Nature – 1 pt) because she really flexed her muscles with the sunset she showed us. It was so incredible, I am tempted to award her another point, but I think I’d like to keep her motivated for the rest of the trip. Current score stands.

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