Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 3 after the Hoarders episode aired

Well, it has been 3 days since the Hoarders episode aired and so far, the response seems to be very positive. I've gotten some emails from friends who saw the show offering support and wishing us the best. My mom has also gotten a lot of encouragement not only from friends & family, but from viewers who commented in the A&E forum. I'm so thankful that people are being compassionate because I know she was terrified of what others would think. She seems to have more motivation to get through the mountain of boxes after watching the show.

I also had a co-worker come up to me today to tell me that he saw the show and that his mom suffers from the same condition. He has been wanting to do something about it but had no idea how to start. I hope he decides to get help!


  1. Oh Amy, I love you all so much. I have thought about you all a lot since I knew the show would be airing. I thought it went very well and that your family was portrayed respectfully. I'm so sorry for all your family has been through, together and indivdually. I'm so glad you have loving friends and family showing their support.

  2. Thank you Stephanie! Just taking it day by day, that's all we can do. :)