Monday, April 6, 2009

This is more like it - Europe Tour 3.0

We started our first day in Barcelona with a "quick stop" at the bank to change money. The "quick stop" ended up taking about 45 minutes because only one person was actually working the line while the other 2 people were busy with something else. Patience is truly a virtue when traveling abroad! With replenished wallets, we hopped on the metro to see what our next hotel had in store for us. Thankfully we were pleasantly surprised by the Hotel Catalunya Park Putxet. While not in the center of the city, it was only 4 stops away from the action and was in beautiful condition. Thank you Priceline!

We quickly unpacked, which felt wonderful, and left to explore the city. I had really enjoyed Valencia and was really looking forward to Spain's second largest city. The whole day was spent getting our bearings and trying to figure out the map (again we are finding it difficult to match street names). We stopped at many of the typical sights and ended up down by the water. Our feet were tired by then so we sat for a while and watched the fish eat bread thrown by a generous Barcelonian.

We went inside a few more churches - I love to sit down and imagine who else might have been in the same spot over the centuries. One of the churches even had a choir practice going on which was pretty unbelievable to hear. Just like what you see in the movies. I could have sat there all day but James was getting restless.

We moved on to the Born district for some refreshments but the place recommended to us was closed for rennovations so we ended up at a great little place called La Luna. We enjoyed the Spanish ambiance, although I could have done without the indoor smoking. Rested and refreshed, we hit the pavement again and saw some more incredible sights, one of which was the Gaudi Temple. I was completely awestruck and dont even want to try and describe how impressive it is. Words wont do it justice, you just have to see it. The night came to an end at a very popular, very delicious Tapas restaurant after which we decided to rest up for more sightseeing tomorrow.


  1. My one and only trip to Europe was to Spain. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of old. I couldn't believe that these castles existed long before America was even a thought. I am glad that you guys are having a good time! Keep the posts coming :)

  2. La Iglesia Sagrada Familia is awesome... good picture.