Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away! - Europe Tour 3.1

Today was a poopy day as far as weather went. It was pouring pretty much the entire 24 hours. Sightseeing was another story - we perused the Park Guell created by Gaudi. I'm surprised by how much I am enjoying his work because I normally like very simple, clean art and architecture. Gaudi is nowhere near simple - his temple is said to be one of the most enigmatic structures in the world. Maybe it's because his work is so unique and unlike anything I've ever seen before that I like it so much.

There was some sunshine at the end of our day, however. We met up with a friend-of-a-friend named Paul for dinner who also brought two other friends, Kristina and Iyda. Both Paul and Kristina are originally from the US and have lived in Spain for around 5 years. Iyda just moved from Japan 3 days ago. On the subway to the restaurant we met another American named John who had just moved to Barcelona from Austin, TX. It's funny how quickly friendships are formed when surrounded by people who speak another language. John ended up joining all of us for dinner (tapas!) and great conversation. Hearing their stories of living abroad took me back to my experience studying in Paris and I realized how grateful I am to have had the chance to live in another country. I'm even beginning to think I should try it again!

We all said our goodbyes but not before getting email addresses to make the appropriate social networking connections. I hope to repay the favor and play host the next time they come out to CA!

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