Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bye Bye Barcelona - Europe Tour 3.2

Our final day in Barcelona was just what the doctor ordered. We'd been running around like mad dogs trying to see everything over the last three days so today we decided to take it easy. We still did some more sightseeing, but mainly wandered wherever our eyes took us. Sometimes when you're traveling you get so focused on seeing all the things, you don't really take time to observe the lifestyle or absorb the energy of where you are. I've decided that Barcelona is a city I could get used to, definitely one I'd like to see again. Maybe next time I can learn a little Spanish before I come.

Our new friend Paul was nice enough to invite us out again, and we were happy to accept. This time it was a shi-shi place called Romeo and Juliet in the Eixample district. It turned out to be another great time and we were instantly welcomed by everyone there. One of Paul's good friends, Matt, lives in Madrid and we hope to meet up with him when we come back to Spain in about a week.

I'm a little nervous about waking up in time for the train tomorrow. We have to be at the station at 8am (our days haven't started before 11am yet) which means the alarm is going off at 7am..ugg!

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