Friday, April 3, 2009

Ahhh, the joys of international flights - Europe Tour 1.0

After only 2 weeks of being back at home, James and I now find ourselves on a journey across the Atlantic to see what Spain and France have to offer. It is James´first time crossing an ocean (woohoo!) and will be my first time setting foot in Spain. I studied abroad in Paris back in 2004 (wow, has it been 5 years already?) and am very excited to see it again. Except for our general itinerary and hotel at our first stop in Valencia, we don´t have very much planned at this point. Between unpacking from the road trip, catching up with everyone and handling what life threw at us each day, we just never found the time to nail things down. I guess it will add to the adventure and make for a more interesting blog!

Our first flight was from John Wayne to Atlanta and, due to extreme weather, we had to alter our course a bit. There was also quite a bit of turbulence which got me searching for the infamous barf bag. It wasn't there. Luckily just when the visions of me having to high-tail it down the aisle with hand over mouth and a green complexion started to become a real possibility, the pilot announced that we were descending. Crisis averted!

Now we are enjoying our second leg from Atlanta to Madrid - I forgot how great it is to fly internationally! Headsets, pillows, blankets and eyeshades were waiting for each of us and flight attendants even handed out ear plugs. Recent movies, current TV shows, music and games were all available on the touchscreen installed in every seat. (On a side note - I watched Slumdog Millionaire and highly recommend it!) I guess now that a bag of peanuts has become the highlight of a domestic flight, I feel spoiled to have so many creature comforts readily available. We even got to eat food!

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