Monday, March 2, 2009

Veganism will have to wait for California - Cross-Country Road Trip 7.3

The drive to Nashville was long, I'm not gonna lie. We tried to entertain ourselves as much as we could but there was no getting around the fact that it pretty much sucked. There were some beautiful spots - we were surprised to see snow again - and it was entertaining to see so many fireworks billboards. There was even a fireworks shop connected to a gas station, I kid you not. I would have snapped a photo for proof but it came upon us quickly and I couldn't grab the camera in time.

We stopped for breakfast as a place called Waffle House that we'd been seeing everywhere. James really wanted to try it so we stopped. We go in and it's exactly like those Southern diners you see in the movies. There's an older, grumbly lady doing all the cookin', a nice younger girl taking orders and a few customers scattered about the restaurant. We take it all in and seat ourselves on a couple of red barstools right up front.

Keep in mind, this is only a couple hours after deciding that I should become a vegan. So I'm looking at the menu wondering what my first vegan breakfast will be, and am horrified to see that there is hardly one thing that isn't beef, or pork, or beef and pork or drowning in pork get the idea. Vegan or no vegan, is this really how people eat out here? Very sad. With such limited options, I realize that turning vegan while traveling through the deep south may not be the best idea I've ever had. I end up settling for some hash browns diced with tomato and a side of scrambled eggs. If not vegan, then at least I can ease into vegetarianism as a first step.

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