Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two-Steppin' in Nashville - Cross-Country Road Trip 7.5

Haha, just kidding about the two-steppin' part. We did watch some people two-step though, which should count for something.

We pulled into Nashville at about 5pm last night just in time for all of the museums to close. It was, however, just about time for Broadway St. to come alive with crowds and live music. We found prime parking on Broadway and bundled up (we're back to 30 degree weather) to go explore.

We wound up at a place called Tootsie's, which I guess is a landmark there. Autographed pictures of famous country singers cover the walls and some are so old they are crumbling away. There was a great band on stage and, while neither James nor myself are particularly into country music, we couldn't help but tap our toes and bob our heads. Tootsie's wasn't going to be our only Nashville experience so we walked around and ended up finding another great band that wasn't quite so country. A couple of the band members even came up to James after their set to ask him if he's a drummer (he is). They had noticed him air-drumming (a habit I have learned to accept) and just wanted to see what his story was.

Once we were "country'd" out, we weren't really sure if certain areas were safer than others so James wisely chose to park next to a police station for the night. We got some z's and woke up to a layer of frost on the window, just a little reminder that spring hasn't sprung quite yet. After defrosting, we took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry Museum which was educational for us since we didn't know much about the history behind the music. We passed on the Country Music Hall of Fame but did get a healthy dose of country music from the city speakers streaming songs from street signals all day.

All in all, I enjoyed the vibe of this bubbly music town. The people were friendly and weren't afraid "git up and dance" when the music spoke to them. There is a pride in the air in Nashville and, even though I don't share the same particular taste in genre, I can certainly appreciate the passion for it.

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  1. Good on ya for making it to Tootsie's, easily the best place in all of Nashville. Well, you know except Dollywood.