Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks for all the comments! - Cross-Country Road Trip 7.4

UPDATE: I changed my settings so that you don't have to sign in to leave a comment. You now have an option to leave one anonymously but can, of course, leave your name in the text if you wish. Sorry about the confusion!

Thank you, thank you for all of the encouraging feedback! I'm really glad to hear that y'all (my new favorite word) are enjoying the tales of our road trip. I'm really having fun writing about everything, in fact, this trip has reminded me that I used to have a passion for writing as a kid. I guess the busyness of life kind of stifled that, but it's back in full force and who knows where it will lead!
I love reading all of the comments so please keep them coming!


  1. Hey Amy, I liked reading about you stopping in Mc Comb, did you know that's my mothers maiden name, her father went to Brazil from Ireland. We have bought a few McComb coke bottle's to give to the family (my brother's request), as we had given him and my mom a coke bottle for Christmas. I wish I had know you were stopping there, I would have asked you to get a souvenir for my mom from there!

  2. Hi Amy,Tank woke me up at 2 am! Can remember waking up for 4 baby girls at this insane hour but not by a nonstop black kitten! Pay back: 1 energetic Savannah for 3 1/2 week trip. Glad you extended! :) Austraila here I come! Love Mom

  3. Uhh... Every day is worth writing about? Really? You gonna stick with that? Should you chose to head north out of Austin, as opposed to West... I suggest a stop in OK City and an evening of live music at the world famous Wormy Dog Saloon. While you are in Austin, head down to Fredriksburg in the Texas Hill Country or out to The Salt Lick from some BBQ fun that only BYOB can bring.

  4. Hi - this is my last try to comment, don't think you got my other ones. Just want to say Jim, your dogs won't know you with the new hair cut, is Amy going to get hers cut too. I have soooo enjoyed your blog Amy, it made me a little envious, what you two are doing is something I would have probably not done in my early years, but right now I think it would be great, never could talk your Dad into living in a Van.
    Amy thank you for your beautiful writing and keeping us all up to date with your travels, we are so anxious to hear about all of it in person. Miss you both
    Love Mom - PS Dogs are great

  5. In response to anonymous's comment...
    I'm realistic in knowing that I won't be able to post a blog everyday, nor do I think I would want to, it's quite time consuming! The "everyday is worth writing about" is more of a personal reminder to enjoy the little things. What may seem mundane to me might be something extraordinary to someone else. :)