Sunday, March 1, 2009

Skipping Asheville...On to Nashville - Cross-Country Road Trip 7.0

We made a slight change in our itinerary, partly because we are behind schedule (not sure how this keeps happening) and partly because we want to add another state under our belt. Instead of going back the way we came to see Asheville, NC, we decided to go south to Savannah, GA then will go through Atlanta and up to Nashville. It's the longest stretch so far at about 10 hours so it will be a true test of our road-trippin' teamwork skills.

We left Charleston at around 10am after waiting out some heavy rain. It was literally like a waterfall, but it did make for some gorgeous pictures during the drive. We stopped in Savannah for dinner and found an excellent sushi joint. We've been craving sushi this whole trip but just haven't had the pretty much blew my socks off. I mailed a letter to my little sister, Savannah, because I thought it would be cool for her to have that postmark, then we hit the road again.

James then powered through about 3 hours of driving to Macon, GA where we are now going to sleep. There's still another 5.5 hours until Nashville in the morning!

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