Monday, March 2, 2009

The Pros and Cons to calling a Walmart parking lot home - Cross-Country Road Trip 7.1

Macon, GA 4:59am

I know what you're thinking..."What??? There are cons to sleeping in a parking lot?" Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately it's not all puppies and roses on the Magic Van Winter '09 Tour.


  • Anything you could possibly need is only 100 ft. away

  • Well-lit and security monitored

  • They're everywhere!

  • That down home, American "Let's slowly strangle all small business by importing goods at such low prices the manufacturers will be forced to use foreign child labor just so we can sell jumbo-size Cheetos for 98 cents" sentiment


  • Tour buses pulling up next to you at 4:59am and letting out douchebags who like to talk (in "I'm standing next to a jet engine" volume) about how unseasonable cold it is. Grrrr!

As you can tell folks, I am definitely NOT a morning person!

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