Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One More Stop in Austin - Cross-Country Road Trip 9.4

We left downtown Austin last night after seeing the bats and headed west for Carlsbad, NM. It was getting late and we were hungry so we crossed our fingers that we would find a good spot to stop and eat. I started to get discouraged when we kept seeing "closed" signs, thinking that maybe people out here go to bed when the sun goes down, but that wasn't the case. We spotted a neon spinning cowboy and an "open" sign that beckoned us into the Nutty Brown Cafe.

From the front you'd never know, but there was a huge patio out back that holds I would guess around 600 people. They have concerts there and everything. In the center of the patio is a huge cage that Cheeto the Parrot lives in. He's a gorgeous tropical parrot that talks...in fact, he even tells kids to f-off when they are bothering him. Something tells me he doesn't get invited to very many town birthday parties!

Nutty Brown Cafe turned out to be a great discovery...service was top notch, Cheeto was an unexpected surprise and the food was delicious. Mine wasn't the healthiest (enchiladas drowning in queso) but everything tasted so fresh it was obvious that it was all homemade. Our server convinced us to try a piece of their strawberry/peach pie and while my thighs weren't very happy with me, my tastebuds were jumping for joy. It was devoured faster than you can say "strawberry/peach pie" (ok, maybe not that fast!).

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  1. This is a note to myself to check out Fredericksburg, TX the next time I'm in Austin. We drove through late at night so didn't get to see much, but it looks like a quaint little town with a lot of European influence.