Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miles and Miles of Mississippi - Cross-Country Road Trip 8.0

The majority of our day today was spent driving across the entire state of Mississippi, from top to bottom. I'll admit I was apprehensive of simply being there because of all the scary KKK stuff I've heard about. But, we were just driving through on a major highway so we didn't spot any burning crosses or white cone heads lurking in the forest. In fact, the landscape surprised me with its lush green grass, its gorgeous fields and brilliant sunset. Maybe Mississippi isn't so bad after all.

All of the miles we put on the Magic Van were getting to James so I took over for a while. I'm not really supposed to drive since I don't have the same insurance as Tim but I think even he'd agree that me driving instead of a drowsy James driving was in everyone's best interest. I got used to driving such a big rig quickly and covered some solid ground while James rested his eyes. We only had a few detours - a quick stop for gas, an attempted dog rescue in the highway median (that's what happens when a couple of animal lovers are driving) and a quick dinner in McComb. Other than that it was a straight shot across Mississippi down into our next stop...New Orleans!


  1. It wouldn't be a road trip with Amy if she didn't stop to help an animal!

  2. Actually, I can't take the credit. James was really the deciding factor. I was a little terrified of pulling over on a main highway...and even more terrified of getting back on it.