Saturday, March 7, 2009

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez! - Cross-Country Road Trip 8.3

We opted to stay an extra day in New Orleans since Turtle had been out of town on business and we really wanted to see him. Not to mention the city is just that cool. James and I did a little more shopping and browsing on Magazine Street in the morning, then met up with Turtle and got some authentic po' boy sandwiches.

James and Turtle caught up while I got some blogging done. We talked about work and what we want to do when we grow up which was so exhausting we all had to break for a cat nap. I love the travel life! We woke up refreshed enough for Heather and James to tackle a speaker set up in the living room that they've been meaning to get to. A little light bulb flashed over my head...maybe next time we should travel the world and fix things around the house to earn our keep. You never know!

Later I was struck with an irresistible craving for those delicious waffle fries again so we headed back to the pub and gorged. Then we hit the town before hitting the hay. It's a long drive to Austin ahead!

Side note: My Sonicare battery just now ran out, which means it lasted for 22 days without being recharged. Quite impressive! As luck would have it, Heather and Turtle have a Sonicare too so I was able to give mine some juice for the rest of the trip.

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