Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Morning Arizona! - Cross-Country Road Trip 11.1

Wow, I can't believe the trip is coming to a close. What initially started as a 2.5 week trip has evolved into almost 4 including our first few days in Colorado. We've seen so much in the last 4 weeks it is almost sensation overload. But we've got tons of pictures and over 50 blog posts (yikes!) to remind us when the memories get fuzzy.

Last night we were talking about our favorites of the trip...favorite city, favorite experience, favorite tourist attraction, etc. and we both came to the conclusion that what has made this trip so spectacular is not necessarily where we've been, it's the people we've connected with. Whether it be a stay at their house, a ride from one location to another or just a passing conversation, each person we've encountered has been as much of a participant as either James or myself has been.

This morning we woke up in the Super 8 parking lot in Benson, AZ (we tried to make it to Tucson but got too sleepy) and snagged a little free continental breakfast (I promise to stay at a Super 8 sometime to make up for it). The tables were full but a nice man waived me over and let me sit with him. We got to talking and it turns out he lives in Kansas but travels the country buying and selling truck parts. He and his wife want to go to Boston so I got to tell him a little bit about our adventures there.

It wasn't a life changing conversation or anything, but it made my morning a little more interesting and churned up some business ideas to think about on the drive to our last stop...Phoenix, AZ.

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