Monday, February 23, 2009

Glad We Chose Gettysburg - Cross-Country Road Trip 4.4

We left Philadelphia a little bit behind schedule so we weren't sure if we should skip our next stop - Gettysburg, PA - and just head straight to DC. We didn't know what we'd find there or if it would end up being worth the extra time, but decided what the heck...we're out here, might as well do it.

Thank goodness we did because Gettysburg turned out to be one of the most picturesque places we had been to so far. We had a beautiful blue sky spotted with bright white puffy clouds that made a gorgeous backdrop for the many outdoor shots we took that day. Temperature was a frigid 26 degrees and would literally freeze my fingers in the 5 seconds it took to frame a shot and press the button, but we managed.

Unfortunately if there was an "Americans totally ignorant of their country's history" folder, I would be one of the many pages in it. The only thing I knew about Gettysburg was that Lincoln had given an address there. I couldn't even recall the significance of the Address, just remembered hearing about it in high school. Pathetic, I know, but this trip is changing that slowly but surely.

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