Sunday, March 8, 2009

Austin Infatuation - Cross-Country Road Trip 9.1

We rolled into Austin late last night but since it was Saturday the town was very much awake. We circled around downtown for a while trying to find a spot to park. James had his tastes buds set on Stubb's BBQ so we were not giving up until we got some. We finally found a spot with an hour to spare before closing so we quickly freshened up and made our way. Dinner was good, and there was a concert downstairs so we hung out and listened a bit. James tried to be sneaky by finding a door that looked unmanned and he very gallantly sent me through. I was quickly stopped and told to turn around since I had no wristband. Thank James for feeding me to the wolves!

After Stubb's we decided to get some z's rather than fight the crowds everywhere. The streets were jam packed with cars and people so maneuvering the Magic Van was taking more energy than usual. It was a tough decision though because the instant we got here it reminded me how much I love this city. I've only been here once before about a year ago, but had such great
time I did not want to leave. I've not experienced such a connection to very many places but Austin is one of the few.

We found a Walmart just outside of downtown and quickly realized how tired we were. We
must have been running on the adrenaline of having finally arrived in Austin because we barely stayed awake long enough to brush our teeth.

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