Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tim, Rachael and the Magic Van - Cross-Country Road Trip 3.1

A few of you have asked about the Magic Van and what the story is behind it. Well, here goes...

Sometime around early summer of '07, James' good friend Tim lost his job after the financial company he worked for went under. Tim and his girlfriend, Rachael, then decided that they would take a year off to tour and explore the country. They sold both of their cars, Rachael quit her job and together they bought the Magic Van. They left Orange County, CA around late summer of '07 and spent the next year on what they call the "Jalopy Tour".

They concluded their trip in NY and are currently living in a cozy 1-bedroom apartment in the trendy Greenwich Village area. They have both found jobs, have made great new friends and seem to be adapting quite well to the NY lifestyle. They are the inspiration to this 3-week, abbreviated version road trip that James and I are now taking.

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