Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roads Trips are Tough Work! - Cross-Country Road Trip 5.0

Because this road-tripping business is not as much rest and relaxation as I thought, my blog postings are going to be coming sporadically. Basically whenever I have an internet connection, I try to play catch up as much as possible. I write the blogs by hand on the road, then type them up later on. Sometimes my inspiration comes out of order, so even though the top blog is the same, there might be newer blogs down below (I added Boston and Martha's Vineyard today).

So that you don't miss anything, be sure to scroll down, or you can look though the archive links on the bottom right column. Hopefully I will catch up soon!


  1. Hey Amy -

    Y'all have a laptop, right?

    How about type on Word, cut, and paste?

    Still reading...

    -Chris H

  2. Yeah, thought about that, but the words seem to come better when I've got a notebook in front of me. Call me old fashioned.

  3. Wow Amy! I can't believe the trip you guys are having! I am soooo jealous. Glad you are having such a great trip. it is so fun to follow your day to day events. But I do what to know about this magic van??? Where in the world did you find something like that!

  4. Check out this post I added recently, that tells all about the Magic Van!