Saturday, February 28, 2009

Resting and Relaxing in Tega Cay, SC - Cross-Country Road Trip 6.1

We spent the last 2 days unwinding and relaxing at our friends Atiyeh, Anna and Kent’s place in Tega Cay, SC. They live in a quiet suburb south of Charlotte where a practically brand new, 4-bedroom plus basement, humongous house rents for about what I pay for an older 2-bedroom in Corona Del Mar. This is the major problem I have with traveling anywhere outside of Southern California…I get depressed when I realize how much I overpay in rent!

James and I came out here in early ’08 at the same time they were hosting Tim and Rachael on the Jalopy Tour. Since then, Anna and Atiyeh had a baby, Miss Clara Jane, so we got to meet her. In anticipation of our arrival, Anna was trying to figure out places to take us, but honestly, I was glad there weren’t too many options. This was about the halfway point of our trip and we were both pretty pooped. Sitting around all day with TV, internet and good company sounded just perfect to us.

We had great conversations about travel angels (Anna had one in Europe), green homebuilding (James, Atiyeh and Kent want to start a business), politics, economics and I think we even solved the meaning of life. I was able to get about 9 posts uploaded to my blog which was a relief, plus I did a couple of cardio workouts on their NordicTrack. James and I had high hopes for workouts on this trip but sadly, the cold weather has made that nearly impossible. We’ll just have to work twice as hard when we get home!

James was able to help the boys solve a leaky water main problem they’d been suffering with for almost a year and he shaved his head! I’d say between that, the blog catch-up, the workouts and the relaxing, we had a very productive stay in Tega Cay!

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  1. I forgot to mention that James also had a good time playing with Pedro the Cat. Here is a funny video of Pedro trying to reach the bath mat from under the door.