Friday, February 20, 2009

Parking in Manhattan - Cross-Country Road Trip 3.0

We got to NYC after a scenic journey across Rhode Island and Connecticut and entered the city via FDR Drive which gave us a nice view of the skyline that I've never seen before. We even spotted a gondola that I didn't even know existed. My nerves are running a little high because it's crazy enough driving in Manhattan, let alone driving a big rig like the Magic Van. James handles it like a champ though, he's only been driving it for about 24 hours but you'd never know it.

We obey the soothing commands of the navigation voice (which help to calm my nerves) and sure enough are lead straight to Greenwich Village, where the Magic Van's owners, Tim and Rachel, live. While driving proved to be less difficult than expected, I can't say the same for parking. We went in circles for about 30 minutes and I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George has a stand-off trying to park his car in the city.

Just when we were beginning to lose our sanity, we found a spot both big enough for the van and just up the street from Tim and Rachel's. As we were backing in, some brave soul (in true NY fashion) zooms in behind us and snags it. Normally the James that I know would avoid confrontation and find a new spot, but I was introduced to a new James that day. With a fire in his eye, he hopped out, stood his ground and said "Hey dude, I was backing into that spot". I braced for a brawl, but shockingly the guy was very apologetic and we were both able to fit into the spot. We almost had to fight our way in, but we had finally arrived in NYC!

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