Monday, February 23, 2009

There Ain't No Hillbilly in these Beverlies! - Cross-Country Road Trip 4.3

2/22 11:22pm - King of Prussia, PA
It's our second night in the van and we now have blankets, pillows, a comforter and an egg crate. It feels like a 5-star resort! How the heck did we survive that first night (the one that James has now dubbed "The night we cheated death") in Rhode Island?

2/23 8:41am
This rig is genius! We ran the battery (for the fridge and heater) all night and woke up to it being 59% full. We were so warm inside that James actually ended up turning it off. It was 27 degrees outside and we were actually HOT! I was so happy when I woke up that I felt like cooking. We had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and sliced fresh peaches. Now off to Gettysburg!

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