Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laurisa, Our Good Samaritan - Martha's Vineyard - Cross-Country Road Trip 2.1

Her name is Laurisa and she is a school teacher who didn't grow up on the island but lives there full-time now. Her house was on the way to Aquinnah cliffs, so she took pity on us and offered to take us there. I doubt she even knew what a favor she was doing, she basically changed my whole impression of the people of Martha's Vineyard.

We stopped at her house on the way and learned that she is married to the chief of police (ironic, huh?) and they live in the caretaker's house on the Forbes property. The views were absolutely breathtaking. From her backyard we could look out at the water and see a place they call "No Man's Land". I can understand now why people stay here. It's so peaceful you almost feel like you're the only person on the planet.

Laurisa is quite knowledgable and a very generous tour guide. She fills our heads with Island history, interesting facts and the popularity of green building on the Island. The Aquinnah (formerly Gay Head Cliffs) are incredible. We soak up the view, take some pictures, then head back to her house so she can grab a book about green building that she wants to lend James. I couldn't help wondering is she was for real...I mean, are people really this nice???

After getting the book, she takes us back to the bus stop and we then attempt to find a war memorial that my grandma had told me about. We found one but it wasn't the right one and, since it was dark, we decide not to pres sour luck getting to the other places on the list. Instead we have a nice dinner in New Haven - I had an amazing lobster and crab cakes - then hop back on the ferry. Based on the complications today, something tells me finding the van might be a little more difficult that we have planned.


  1. Hi Amy and James, I love reading about your trip--what a rush! Amy's writing is superb and it makes me want to get out on the road. (Actually, Uncle Lee and I are on the Central Coast--Pismo Beach--listening to the waves.) We really miss the ocean now that we live in Texas. I will continue to follow your journey and wish you the best of adventures! Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Hi Amy and James,
    I am a very old friend of Laurisa, so I know the answer to your question; "Yes, People are that nice - and Laurisa is probably the most genuinely warm person I have ever known." She surprised me this year with a call on my birthday. Unfortunately, my phone was not working properly and I was not able to retrieve her number from the envelope information. We have been out of touch for a number of years, since not long after her relocation to Martha's Vineyard. If you have contact with her, could you please tell her to contact her loving friend Evangeline again and to leave her phone number the next time she calls? ;-D Hope your travels have been rewarding!!!

  3. Hi Evangeline, I'm sorry you weren't able to get in touch with Laurisa. Unfortunately I don't have any other contact info to give you, I hope you guys get in touch soon!