Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Snowing in Boston! - Cross-Country Road Trip 1.2

We ran into a nice Bostonian near the Harbor who recommended we check out the Newbury/Cambridge St. area. Since the cold and our empty stomachs were becoming an issue, we took his advice and started walking. What a great recommendation that was! It turned out to be a big park where people were running, walking dogs, playing in snow and ice skating. We walked down the center of the tree-lined streets and wondered how real estate prices compare to those in OC.

We did some shopping - James got some shoes - and since it started snowing, decided to warm up in Charlie's Saloon. It was a cute, underground, Irish-looking pub. In there we were approached by yet another nice Bostonian who recommended a place around the corner with a great "White Trash" dip. That sparked our curiosity, so we looked but never ended up finding it. At this point the snowfall was getting heavier, the temperature was dropping and we were lost. We quickly went to Plan B and took cover in the restaurant above Charlie's where we shared a sourdough bowl of hot "Chowda". Now I understand why it's so famous here!

Next we bundled back up and braved the snow to meet Joe and his friend Katie for dinner at Kashmir, a nice Indian restaurant recommended by James' friend. Dinner was great and we walked out with full, happy bellies. It was a perfect ending to a trip I enjoyed more than I thought I would. The cold really wasn't all that terrible if we dressed for it. The people really made our stay a great one. Thank you to Joe, Matt and Lena for giving a couple of strangers a place to stay!

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