Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Heart New York - Cross-Country Road Trip 3.3

Our days in NY were mostly spent walking around the Greenwich Village area soaking up all of the art and creativity around us. I could easily spend all of my time there sitting in one spot looking at what everyone is wearing. I love the fashion! James really enjoys the record shops and finds one, John Varvatos, that is his musical Mecca. My Mecca experience was finding Harpo Studios in Chicago a few years ago (yes, I'm an Oprah fan and not ashamed to admit it).

Our creative juices started flowing and we found ourselves taking pictures of buildings, doors and other architecture that spoke to us. I even dabbled with some cool color features on my camera.
Poor Tim and Rachael both had to work long days. They had joined us in Winter Park so were catching up on time they had been away. Not to worry though, James and I had both just visited for Halloween in '08 so already did the touristy things. Plus it was really nice not to have a long list of sightseeing to get done. If we wanted to sit inside and be online all day, we could. Besides, I had a bunch of blogs and pics to upload!

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