Monday, February 23, 2009

Gorgeous Day in Gettysburg, PA - Cross-Country Road Trip 4.6

After soaking up as much as we could, we left the Gettysburg National Military Park and began our auto tour of the area. It was quite an experience to have just learned about all this history, then to walk on the ground where it actually happened.

We walked around the cemetery where Lincoln gave his Address, which I now know was to honor those who fought in the Civil War. We went to the Pennsylvania Memorial, Culp Hill and and other sites where major fights took place and many people lost their lives. Normally standing on what is essentially a mass grave site would freak me out, but I was surprisingly filled with a sense of peace and humility. That's probably because such a great job has been done to preserve this historic place and educate those who visit it. I think any soldier - union or confederate - can rest comfortably knowing that they didn't fight in vain.

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