Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding Tiverton and Driving in My First Snow Storm - Cross-Country Road Trip 2.2

We left Martha's Vineyard around 7:30pm and headed to Tiverton, Rhode Island where the Magic Van awaited us. The original plan was to get there and spend the night at Tim's aunt's house, but we were running too we were going to have to sleep in the van.

We followed the 195W to the 24S but didn't quite know the exit, so for about 2 hours we went in circles trying to figure out where the Magic Van was. We stopped at a couple gas stations and a Dunkin' Donuts for directions but nobody knew.

Frustration was running high at this point - we were tired, it was dark, not to mention it started snowing a little bit outside. Finally we found a police station and they told us it was just one exit away - the exit that for some reason my instinct had told me to take in the first place!

At about 10pm, we found the Magic Van, James fired it up, then we headed to the Providence Airport to return the rental car. I was driving the rental and James followed in the van. The wind was really picking up, I could feel it pushing the car, so I have no idea how James managed to drive the 9 ft tall van in that kind of weather. We chugged along at about 50 mph and all I could see ahead was snowflakes and wind gusts. At that moment I realized how much I appreciate the "non-weather" back home in California. We passed two accidents along the way and spent about 30 minutes looking for a gas station with diesel. Finally we reached the airport and luckily there were no more hassles returning the car. Our cross-country road trip was officially beginning!

Now it's about 10:30 and we begin the search for a spot to sleep. Hmmm, after all of the delays we had today, I'm beginning to think that three weeks is a bit ambitious for all of the stops we have planned. Hopefully there is a steep road trip learning curve...I guess time will tell.

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