Saturday, February 21, 2009

The City that Never Sleeps - Cross-Country Road Trip 3.2

We had two nights in New York that both happened to fall on a weekend which meant it would be a sin to stay in. On night one, Tim had some friends over and we headed out to Brooklyn for a Fashion Week finale party. I've only heard great things about Brooklyn, so was excited to see what all of the fuss was about. I guess years ago you'd do whatever it took to avoid setting foot in Brooklyn but now it's one of the hippest, trendiest, hot-spots of New York. I was sporting a nice, warm faux-fur coat (from Rachael's closet) which I was afraid might be over the top, but was quickly informed that NOTHING is over the top in NYC.

The show was sold out, so we headed to a spot Tim knew of a few blocks away. The wind was not kind to us and I was very glad that I had grabbed that big fluffy coat. We arrived at our destination seconds before turning into people-sicles (that's me be over dramatic again), and I immediately noticed a while new vibe. People were dressed more casual, the place felt more "homey" and the prices were much more reasonable!

We spent a few hours having dinner, drinks and good conversation, then headed back to the city in what may or may not have been a legitimate cab. The driver avoided the question and we didn't want to wait in the cold for another one, so we took our chances. We made it back safe and sound and got some rest knowing that The City would be waiting for us when we woke up.

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