Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boston! - Cross-Country Road Trip 1.0

We arrived at Logan Airport after a surprisingly smooth flight from Denver. We were very lucky to get picked up by a soon-to-be-friend, Joe, that offered us a place to stay after being introduced on Facebook. Gotta love social networking!

Joe was a great tour guide as he drove us through pretty much the heart of the city. I was instantly enamoured by the architecture and "small-town in a big city"feel. I finally got to see Boston University - where I almost went to undergrad - and caught a glimpse of Harvard and MIT. For some reason my life feels a little bit more complete being able to say I've seen Harvard.

We got to Joe's and set up camp on his pull-out bed in the living room. I couldn't believe how generous this guy was - we were basically perfect strangers and not only was he letting us stay in his house, but he even offered us the use of his car while he was at work. Both James and I were too chicken to drive in the snow so we passed on the car, but I couldn't help wondering what I did recently to deserve such good karma. Looks like I'll be needing to pay it forward very soon!

Once we settled in and cleaned up a bit, we walked to a nearby Irish pub called Briar Green. Service was excellent and the staff was very friendly, we highly recommend going! We were befriended by the bar manager, Luke, who was very interested in hearing about our upcoming adventure. He treated us like long-time patrons and made us feel at home.

Then we decided to walk around and see a little more of the town. It's freezing, but we're curious. We ended up having dinner at Porter Belly's - James had shepherd's pie and I had chicken curry - both delicious. Dessert followed at a nearby pastry shop - James had an apple tart and I had an amazing lemon bar. Then back to Green Briar to meet up with Joe after his pre-med class.

So far, despite the freezing temperatures that my native Californian blood has rarely ever seen, I'm really enjoying being in Boston. Great food and great people, what more could you possible need?

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