Friday, February 13, 2009

Anatomy of a Cross-Country Road Trip

My boyfriend James and I have decided that since both of us are laid off at the moment, we are going to take some time to explore more of this great country. After a weekend of skiing, sledding and shenanigans with friends in Winter Park, Colorado, we will be heading to Boston, Martha's Vineyard Island and then Rhode Island where we will officially start a cross-country road trip in the Magic Van during the dead of Winter. Not an ideal time of year, but who knows when we will both have time like this again, so we're doing it! We will be staying with friends in most of the major cities I listed in a previous post, then sleeping in the Magic Van at Walmart parking lots in between.

Did you know that Walmart lets you park your RV, trailer, or whatever in their fully-lit, security-monitored parking lot for free? It's marketing genius if you ask me.

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